ATA Steel ProductStainless Steel Supplies in Perth


ATA Steel is a stainless steel supplier for businesses in Perth WA and Australia. Our steel supply company can source a range of superior stainless steel products. Just 20 minutes from the Perth CBD, we stock Bluescope steel and quality imported products. Talk to one of our Perth stainless steel sales staff to discuss your requirements.

Stainless Steel Suppliers in Australia
Based in Perth WA our stainless steel supplies are delivered to locations across Western Australia. As a family owned and operated business, we ensure every project is completed to impeccable standards. We also ensure stainless steel supplies are delivered according to your deadline.

Affordable Steels Sales
Quality steel products in Perth WA are available at affordable prices from ATA Steel. Visit our fully equipped facility to discuss stainless steel sales or contact us to your requirements. Our Perth steel supply experts can advise you on the most suitable product for your application.

A Range of Steel Products in Perth WA
Stainless steel is used for a range of purposes, including:

  • Ship building
  • Construction
  • Piping and flanges
  • Graphic Artwork
  • And much more

If you need various steel supplies, we can source steel products on your behalf. This one-stop service makes sourcing stainless steel supplies in Perth highly efficient.


Quality Stainless Steel Supplies in Perth
ATA Steel adheres to Australian quality standards with certificates available upon request.Steel sales are confidential and stainless steel supplies are sourced from reputable manufacturers. Our stainless steel supply network extends from Perth WA to all corners of Australia. For more information about our Perth stainless steel supply company contact ATA Steel.

ATA Steel ProductWear Plate in Perth


ATA Steel is one of Perth’s leading wear plate suppliers.

Wear plate is an abrasion resistant, quenched and tempered, high strength, fine grained product. If your job requires plate that can stand up to large impact and extraordinary abrasion, then we can supply the wear plate product to you.  Whilst wear plate provides superior toughness and hardness, it can be welded, bent and formed without losing its properties.

ATA Steel specializes in the SSAB  wear plate range which includes:

hardox weldox domex

Hardox  400, 450, 500, 550, 600,  Hardox extreme for maximum payload and longer service life.

Weldox  700, 900 , 960 , 1100 , 1300 for structural steel heavy & demanding applications

We can also supply other leading brands of wear plate on request.

Common sizes of overlay plate are stocked fore extreme applications and can be cut to size, stud welded and rolled into your finished product.

       Mc3       Arco plate       ECI plate       Dua plate       Vida plate 

As a family owned and operated steel supplier, we take pride in delivering superior quality service. Australian quality standards are exceeded and Material Test certificates are available for all products upon request.

We supply to a range of industries, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Engineering & Fabrication
  • Marine
  • Construction
  • Earthmoving & Crushing
  • Graphic Art

ATA Steel has a comprehensive database of test certificates for material supplied since the inception of the company. These can be searched at any time on request and supplied by email.

Wear plate is profiled to exact size in our fully equipped facility, located just 20 minutes from the Perth CBD.

Wear Plate Delivered across Western Australia.
Wear Plate supplies are delivered to locations in the Perth metropolitan area and across the state. Wear Plate is transported on our own transport throughout the Perth metropolitan area, including Pinjarra, Mandurah and more.

Regional  deliveries are taken to Perth area freight depots freight free. These can then be forwarded to any location in Western Australia on the freight company of your choice.

Contact our consultants to discuss your project requirements.



ATA Steel supplies aluminium to clients in Perth and WA.We source high quality aluminium from leading suppliers. Australian quality standards are always adhered to and Material Test Certificates are available upon request.

Aluminium Sheet Suppliers.
ATA Steel has long standing relationships with professional suppliers who cut aluminium to your unique specifications.Jobs are outsourced to reputable companies, to ensure you receive the very best.Small, large and complex projects can be completed to tight deadlines to ensure you stay on target. Contact ATA Steel to discuss your aluminium cutting requirements.

Aluminium Suppliers in Perth
We supply superior grade aluminium products to a range of industries. From boat building and other marine requirements to signage and general construction, our aluminium is suitable for many purposes.


Sourcing the Best
ATA Steel employs experienced personnel who can assist you with finding the most appropriate aluminium sheet for your requirements.We work closely with business from various industries to ensure their aluminium meets the specific needs of their sector.



ATA Steel sources Bluescope steel directly from the manufacturer. Most grades of Bluescope steel are held in stock. If not, orders can be filled efficiently. Bluescope steel is a versatile product, making it suitable for a range of building, construction and manufacturing applications. We adhere to stringent quality standards and all test certificates are available upon request. Contact ATA Steel to discuss your Bluescope steel order.

Bluescope Steel – Perth’s Choice
Most construction and manufacturing businesses in Perth stipulate that Bluescope steel must be used to meet Australian-made content requirements. Since the early 1900s, Bluescope has been supplying superior quality steel to businesses in Perth and Australia.

Versatile, Durable, Bluescope Perth
From steel plate, slab and coated and painted strip products to cladding, house framing and custom engineered building; Bluescope is ideal for a range of purposes.

ATA Steel & Bluescope helps Perth Environment
ATA Steel and Bluescope are committed to maintaining environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. In fact, environmental performance is a key element of ATA Steel and Bluescope’s philosophies. Like ATA Steel, Bluescope is conscious of water use and energy emissions. Recycling is also a vital part of ATA Steel and Bluescope’s commitment to environmentally responsible business practices.

Why Choose Bluescope Steel?
Bluescope Steel is often required by construction and manufacturing businesses to meet Australian-made content requirements. Find out why Bluescope steel is our choice for Australian-made steel. Contact ATA Steel today.

Quality Steel in Perth
Whether you require Bluescope steel or another quality brand, we can assist you with finding a steel product for your project. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with construction, manufacturing and mining companies, making them well equipped to provide professional advice. Contact our Perth Bluescope stockists to discuss your requirements.