ATA Steel supplies aluminium to clients in Perth and WA.We source high quality aluminium from leading suppliers. Australian quality standards are always adhered to and Material Test Certificates are available upon request.

Aluminium Sheet Suppliers.
ATA Steel has long standing relationships with professional suppliers who cut aluminium to your unique specifications.Jobs are outsourced to reputable companies, to ensure you receive the very best.Small, large and complex projects can be completed to tight deadlines to ensure you stay on target. Contact ATA Steel to discuss your aluminium cutting requirements.

Aluminium Suppliers in Perth
We supply superior grade aluminium products to a range of industries. From boat building and other marine requirements to signage and general construction, our aluminium is suitable for many purposes.


Sourcing the Best
ATA Steel employs experienced personnel who can assist you with finding the most appropriate aluminium sheet for your requirements.We work closely with business from various industries to ensure their aluminium meets the specific needs of their sector.