ATA Steel sources Bluescope steel directly from the manufacturer. Most grades of Bluescope steel are held in stock. If not, orders can be filled efficiently. Bluescope steel is a versatile product, making it suitable for a range of building, construction and manufacturing applications. We adhere to stringent quality standards and all test certificates are available upon request. Contact ATA Steel to discuss your Bluescope steel order.

Bluescope Steel – Perth’s Choice
Most construction and manufacturing businesses in Perth stipulate that Bluescope steel must be used to meet Australian-made content requirements. Since the early 1900s, Bluescope has been supplying superior quality steel to businesses in Perth and Australia.

Versatile, Durable, Bluescope Perth
From steel plate, slab and coated and painted strip products to cladding, house framing and custom engineered building; Bluescope is ideal for a range of purposes.

ATA Steel & Bluescope helps Perth Environment
ATA Steel and Bluescope are committed to maintaining environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. In fact, environmental performance is a key element of ATA Steel and Bluescope’s philosophies. Like ATA Steel, Bluescope is conscious of water use and energy emissions. Recycling is also a vital part of ATA Steel and Bluescope’s commitment to environmentally responsible business practices.

Why Choose Bluescope Steel?
Bluescope Steel is often required by construction and manufacturing businesses to meet Australian-made content requirements. Find out why Bluescope steel is our choice for Australian-made steel. Contact ATA Steel today.

Quality Steel in Perth
Whether you require Bluescope steel or another quality brand, we can assist you with finding a steel product for your project. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with construction, manufacturing and mining companies, making them well equipped to provide professional advice. Contact our Perth Bluescope stockists to discuss your requirements.