Ancillary Machining Services in Perth


ATA Steel delivers a full spectrum of machining services. Ancillary machining is outsourced to reputable companies, enabling our clients to have all of their machining requirements conveniently streamlined. We ensure strict quality standards are met on your projects. Simply let us know if you require test certificates.

A Full Machining Service in Perth
Our one-stop service includes superior quality steel plate cutting for small, large and complex jobs. We co-ordinate every aspect of your machining project, providing an efficient option for businesses who want to avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple companies.

Superior Ancillary Machining in Perth
Our Ancillary machining projects are outsourced to reliable technicians who have been working with us for years. We ensure parts are machined to your specifications, so you have everything you need to get the project done.

Independent CNC Machining Services
ATA Steel is an independent business with no industry affiliations. Projects are completed on a first come, first serve basis and jobs are never pushed back to make way for affiliate companies. We remain independent to provide a superior standard of service to our clients in Perth and Western Australia.

Talk to our Steel Technicians
To discuss your CNC machining requirements, contact ATA Steel.  Our state of the art facility is located 20 minutes from the Perth CBD.

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