Stud Welding Services Perth

stud welding services perth

At ATA Steel, we take tremendous pride in our high quality stud welding services. With industry-leading experts and the latest in stud welding equipment, we supply businesses in Perth and the rest of WA across a range of industries.

How stud welding works

Stud welding is a process which joins fastener elements like threaded studs, pins or nuts to metal surface components such as a wear plate liner. Both parts between the face of the stud and the surface of the component are melted, creating an arc, and the stud is then pressed against the component, into the weld pool and join ed. No additional material for the weld is required, and because the stud and the component are joined over the whole surface of the stud, the strength is far superior at the join itself.

stud welding services perth

Advantages of stud welding

There are many advantages of stud welding over conventional welding, including:

  • Much more time efficient
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Less down time
  • Higher quality product
  • Lower labour costs
  • Lower material costs

Possibly the biggest advantage of stud welding over other types of welding is the time it saves. Stud welding allows for much faster weld rates (three per minute) thanks to no drilling, screwing, punching or threading. Less time equals less money, and when the finished result is a superior product, it’s a win-win for all.

The quality of a stud weld also far outweighs the quality of conventional welding methods. Stud welding is welded from the inside out at the core of the fixture, whereas other methods weld purely externally using joining materials. The result is full penetration and a stronger, more accurate join.

Stud welding equipment

ATA Steel also ensures accuracy while stud welding, thanks to stud positioning by CNC plasma that marks the plates during the cutting process. Problems relating to studs being welded on the wrong side or incorrect positioning are minimised, resulting in fewer issues down the track or on site.

Stud welding uses

Stud welding is used in a range of different industries across Perth and the greater WA region, including:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Infrastructure
  • Minerals processing
  • Farming & agriculture
  • Marine

At ATA Steel, our stud welding contractors are fully accredited to ensure the job is done right every time. Utilising the leading stud welding equipment in Perth and greater WA, our experts ensure superior results on all your project requirements.

So when it comes to stud welding, ATA Steel have it covered. You can give our friendly service team a call today on (08) 9437 9317 or complete our enquiry form for more information. Our facilities are located just 20 minutes from the Perth CBD.