Hardox ® wear plate is an industry leader in abrasion-resistant Steel. The unique qualities of Hardox ® wear plate allows it to not only to outlast its competitors, but also enables it to perform above expectations in many other applications, including load bearing.

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Greater performance

Hardox® combines the hardness of a wear plate with a high level of toughness, allowing it to be utilised in a greater load bearing capacity than ever before. This versatility allows for designs to utilise a top level wear plate in a much wider range of applications, opening the door to innovation within industries.

Long service life

Hardox® has been tested throughout a wide range of wear related industries and is shown to significantly outlast its competition. Hardox® can extend the service life of machinery by up to ten times when measured against other products on the market, meaning less frequent replacements and lower long term costs.

Improved economy

The improved wear life of Hardox® translates to design engineers being able to achieve the same wear life from thinner material, reducing the weight of the finished machine. Being able to run lighter means your machines will burn less fuel, which is friendlier on the environment and your back pocket.

Industry-leading flexibility

Hardox® is an incredibly versatile material, allowing for users to press and shape the plate to shapes never achievable before. For more information about the pressing requirements, please see the information sheets below.

ATA Steel’s attention to detail and commitment to quality has seen Swedish plate manufacturer SSAB commit to supporting us through inductions as a Hardox® wear parts member, ensuring we have access to high level technical support and guaranteed access to their diverse range of Wear plate products. Utilising this support, and with our extensive experience in the industry, we will be able to assist you with all your wear plate requirements.

ATA Steel has the capacity to provide Hardox® in any shape or form you may need. Please check our capabilities or contact us to see how we can help you provide superior wear solutions.

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