Strenx is a high performance structural steel that allows users to design stronger and more lightweight solutions for their problems. Testing in industry applications has shown as weight decrease of up to 40% with a longer service life than other comparable builds.

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Consistency and quality

Superior performance is reliant on material arriving in your workshop exactly as requested. SSAB’s Strenx is made to tight thickness and flatness tolerances, providing a level of consistency that has made Strenx the industry-leading high strength solution that is today.

High-performance versatility

Strenx is designed to be tough in the toughest environments, undergoing rigorous lab testing and continuous product research. Strenx sets itself apart from the rest with its bending achievements (achieving radii as tight as 1x thickness) and weld-friendliness, meaning shorter workshop fabrication times and a wider range of design possibilities.


Utilising Strenx allows users to offer higher performance from thinner material, opening the door for lighter finished machinery. Strenx performs 600-1300 MPa, meaning engineers can cut down on weight without having to compromise capability or safety.

ATA Steel’s attention to detail and commitment to quality has seen Swedish plate manufacturer SSAB commit to supporting us through inductions as a Hardox® wear parts member, ensuring we have access to high-level technical support and guaranteed access to their diverse range of Wear plate products. Utilising this support, and with our extensive experience in the industry, we will be able to assist you with all your wear plate requirements.

ATA Steel has the capacity to provide Hardox® in any shape or form you may need. Please check our capabilities or contact us to see how we can help you provide superior wear solutions.

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