Plasma Cutting

At ATA Steel, we pride ourselves on delivering superior quality, high definition plasma cutting, from Perth’s largest capacity machine. Our state-of-the-art machines cut with unsurpassed accuracy and power, producing precision steel cuts that are second to none for whatever requirements you may need.

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Plasma Cutting

What is plasma cutting?

Plasma cutting accurately cuts steel, Aluminium and Stainless steel to produce finely detailed shapes including bevelled edges for weld preps, for a range of commercial and industrial requirements. From machinery Parts to construction to mining and everything in between, our plasma cutting machinery supplies Perth businesses with superior results that are cut to the millimetre.

ATA Steel’s plasma technology

Our latest technology steel cutting systems produce a refined result every time. When it comes to precision, our plasma cutting techniques are extremely accurate, giving a cleaner, straighter edge with all parts finished in one process. This also means shorter turnaround times and happier customers!

The industry-preferred steel cutting device that we use is the Kinetic K5000 High Definition Plasma/Oxy Cutting machine, which caters for a range of steel plate thicknesses from 1.0mm to 250mm. All heavier plates are cut on a specialist machine. Mild steel, boiler or quench and tempered plates are plasma cut easily up to 60mm thick , with the Oxy process taking over for the very heavy plates. The results are quick, clean and accurate.

The Plasma cutting machines at ATASTEEL also features a combined cutting bed length of over 54 metres and width of 3.4 metres ensuring better part nesting and less wastage. Hardox , Bisalloy and all wear plates can be cut cleanly with unrivalled precision and can even include weld preps , countersunk and counter bored attaching points for improved production rates in your fabrication and assembly processes.

How does it cut?

Plasma cutting uses a chemical reaction to literally melt steel and other metals. The plasma cutter can pass through steel with little or no resistance by boosting oxygen and air to extremely high temperatures and changing state to PLASMA with an Arc. The process of splitting the atoms and separating the electrons releases a vast amount of energy. This energy is what gives plasma its unique status and unbelievable cutting power. This cutting process delivers fine, precise edge that is virtually dross-free. High definition Plasma cutting is the process of choice when it comes to cutting steel plate quickly and accurately.

Plasma cutting technicians

Our professionally trained technicians are experts in the field of plasma cutting, so you know your steel is in the right hands. Our team are regularly refreshed on the new technologies that enter the industry, ensuring they produce the best possible results on your steel project. Small or large, simple or complex, we can cater for all your needs when it comes to plasma cutting.

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For all your steel cutting needs, our high-tech plasma cutting technology can deliver superior results every time. So give our friendly service team a call today or complete our enquiry form for more information.

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